Everything You Need to Know about Breastfeeding

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Although people say that breastfeeding is best to make the mother-and-child bond stronger, there are mothers who have never breastfed their babies and still enjoy that kind of closeness. The fact is, breastfeeding is not feasible to all mothers. There are those who need to work, women whose culture does not allow such practice, and even babies who reject their mom’s milk, preferring milk formula.

If you are still confused on what method to use, breastfeeding is best in the meantime. It is easier to change from it to the bottle than feeding him from the bottle then shifting to breastfeeding. Here are other things you need to know about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and Smoking

The fact is that nicotine passes on to your milk. If you cannot quit smoking while breastfeeding, make sure you feed your child at least an hour after smoking to minimize the nicotine content of your milk. Never smoke while you are feeding. This will lead to your child’s respiratory diseases or even death.

Breastfeeding and Work

Mothers who go back to work while still breastfeeding have two options – you either leave your baby with expressed milk or milk pumped from your breast, or you can feed the baby with bottled formula while you are away working. For those who choose to give their baby expressed milk, make sure to keep your milk supply strong by immediately nursing your baby after you get back to work and during the evening, and then the following day just before leaving. More info on breasfeeding at work you can find here.

Breastfeeding and Small Breasts

These two concepts are independent of each other. Even small breast have a complete set of glandular tissue necessary for milk production.

Breastfeeding and Sex

There is nothing to prevent a couple to engage in sexual activities while the mother is still breastfeeding. Regular menstrual cycle is interrupted while breastfeeding but this may not always be the case. Most women already have menstruation a month or two after giving birth. Thus, pregnancy is not unlikely.

Breastfeeding and Breast Reduction

The concern in this type of procedure is that the surgeon may have cut off some tissues necessary for milk production. Women who had their breasts reduced may notice that their milk does not come in large supplies and that your baby’s diet may have to be supplemented by bottled formula. Nevertheless, do not stop breastfeeding altogether because your baby still gets the necessary nutrients from your milk.

Breastfeeding and Breast Augmentation

Generally, there is no adverse effect of implants to your milk production and supply.

Breastfeeding and Caesarian Birth

Going through this type of operation may be of some discomfort when feeding your baby. To decrease discomfort, use a pillow as cushion for your baby and administer milk by lying down on your side.

Breastfeeding and Alcohol

Wine is allowed in small quantities but make sure not to feed your baby until at least an hour has elapsed. Heavy drinking affects your baby’s nervous system and motor skill development.