Things to Avoid When Pregnant

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The pregnant woman’s habits are directly proportional to the degree of healthiness of her unborn child. Hence, it is vital for a pregnant woman to avoid all that would adversely affect her unborn child’s health. The following are some of the things women should avoid during the period of pregnancy.


Smoking for pregnant women is said to be one factor that leads to multiple pregnancy problems including miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, and other complications for the baby. Nicotine in cigarettes causes constriction of blood vessels which essentially means that the baby is deprived of sufficient amount of oxygen and proper nourishment that it needs to be able to grow properly.


Consumption of alcohol while in the period of pregnancy is a potential cause of birth defects, miscarriage, and other problems. Considerable, consistent consumption of alcohol in pregnancy on the other hand, may lead to fetal alcohol syndrome which is a lifelong and permanent condition.


A lot of the over-the-counter drugs and other prescribed medications can actually harm the unborn baby, hence it is important that pregnant women should inquire first with their physicians before ingesting any drug. The physician could also be asked to give a list of the drugs that could be ingested without harm to the unborn child or the mother during the period of pregnancy.


For most obvious reasons, illegal drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, can similarly, deprive developing babies of essential oxygen and proper nourishment which can cause birth defects and even infantile addictions for the newborns.


As for coffee ingestion or any product with high caffeine content, it is important that you discuss first with your doctor how much caffeine would be healthy to be ingested during the pregnancy period. Remember that caffeine is not only found in coffee; they are also present in tea, sodas and colas, and other products.

Contact with Cat Feces

Unknown to most, a serious and dangerous disease can be acquired from simply cleaning cat litter boxes. The disease is called toxoplasmosis, which is usually spread by a microbe that causes problems affecting the lymph node and the nervous system of an individual. If contracted by pregnant women, this parasite can actually cause miscarriage, serious birth defects, and stillbirths.

Pregnant women should therefore make the necessary effort to avoid contact and ingestion of the above-mentioned products, medications or areas to ensure good health for both the unborn child and the newborn. With love, patience and discipline all these would prove to be things which could be effortlessly accomplished.