Top Reasons Why You Should Breastfeed Your Baby

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The milk from mothers is the best food for babies, not because it tastes better, but because it contains vitamins, minerals, and other substances which will make your babies immune from diseases. Moreover, the system of formula-fed babies does not respond well to vaccinations.

The result of taking breast milk instead of being fed from the bottle can be seen in statistics, according to endorsers of breast milk. The charts show that babies who have higher rates of illnesses are found to be bottle fed.

Why Breastfeed Your Baby?

The list of common diseases of babies which can be decreased and/or prevented by being fed milk from their mothers includes meningitis, respiratory infections, the most common of which is the condition called respiratory syncytial virus, diarrhea, sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, reflux, allergies, lymphoma, ear infection, diabetes, leukemia, arthritis, and other bacterial infections. Some of the diseases manifest themselves in adulthood.

It has also been put forth that breastfed babies have higher IQs than those fed from the bottle. This is because breast milk contains fatty acids vital for the baby’s brain development.

Breast milk also changes in composition as your baby grows older. This is supported by the fact that there are different types of formula milk for different ages.

Sucking from breasts as compared to sucking from the bottle also has an effect on the development of the baby’s jaw. Research has pegged the need for orthodontic correctional care and problems and speech to bottle feeding.

Are There Known Disadvantages of Not Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is nature’s way of helping a woman’s uterus regain its elasticity so that it will be back to its regular or pre-pregnancy shape in no time. Thus, women who opt not to breastfeed have a higher risk of early postpartum hemorrhage because it is breastfeeding which acts as stimulant for the hormone to start contracting. Furthermore, they also have a higher risk of breast cancer and cancer of the ovary.

On the practical side, the formula is definitely more expensive. You get breast milk for free!